Date: 8/20/20 6:39 pm
From: Lou Fredd <LOUISFREDD...>
Subject: [obol] August backyard, Tualatin
August seen from the backyard has been more avian diverse than I expected. 33 species. This am swallow/swift overhead, going south. Anna's hummingbirds galore.

Yesterday am flock of 75 Pine Siskins rummaging thru catkins of big Euro-birch. Unusual to see any here this time of year.

Sunday (Aug 16th) Olive-sided Flycatcher in same tree hawking insects. First flycatcher this year. Only 2nd OSFL ever seen here. Nice treat! FOYR Rufous Hummingbird (Aug 07th), Western Tanager (11th) both nice to see again.

Saturday 15-25 Wood Ducks barreled south through the subdivision about rooftop level, white bellies flashing in early sunshine, distinctive male bridle obvious on one. I've never seen a flock of WODU in flight before. Struck me as unusual. Is it ? WODU reproduction seemed very successful this year in Tualatin-area marshes just north. Possibly originated from there.

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