Date: 8/1/20 7:59 pm
From: R Stewart <2cnewbirds...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Putney Mtn Hawkwatch 2020
So sad to hear this...

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> The safe successful continuation of the Hawkwatch isour goal this
> season. Thisfall due to the Covid 19 pandemic Putney Mountain Hawkwatch
> will be postingonly a limited number of observers on the mountain for any
> given day. Over theyears many ‘Friends of the Watch’ have also spent time
> with the designatedwatch crew. Sadly this year we are asking others to not
> visit even as we areseverely curtailing our own numbers. Hopefully these
> steps will let thosepresent maintain needed social distancing while
> monitoring raptor flights.
> Eachday’s volunteers will be exclusively from those who are on
> our roster of longtime qualified personnel. They will work from a very
> limited, roped off,watcher-only area and only those with assigned duties
> can be accommodated. Dueto the overall narrow scope of the summit clearing
> itself and the trail usethat also occurs there we feel that it is
> imperative that other casual visitorsto the watch do not congregate in and
> restrict movement through that area.
> ThePutney Mountain Hawkwatch has done an annual fall raptor count
> since 1974. Datacollected at the site is part of the Raptor Population
> Index, a study of raptorpopulation trends in the Northeast. Since 2003
> Monarch Butterfly flights havealso been recorded. Watch results will be
> posted daily and can be viewed at
> JoAnne Russo
> Saxtons River, VT

Ruth Stewart
E. Dorset VT
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