Date: 8/1/20 6:00 pm
From: Paul Hyde <paulhyde14...>
Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] Shoreline Lake, 8/1/20

I followed a similar path to Garrett this morning. Starting at the kite flying area of Shoreline Park, I saw 3 Burrowing Owls in their area. The Northern Red Bishop showed after a while near the Pump Station. 

Walking round to Pond A2E I also saw a good number of Least Tern; I counted 16, both adult and juvenile. 

Whilst walking toward the Shoreline Lake I had a very flighty Western Meadowlark and a Western Grebe. 

At the lake there wasn’t anything unusual. The long staying Goldeneye was present, along with other usual suspects. 

Nice morning of birding; the shoreline park car park was very busy as I left at about 11:45am. 


Paul Hyde

Friday, July 31, 2020, 3:49 PM -0700 from <Garrett.Lau...> <Garrett.Lau...>:
>Last night, Sha Lu posted on Facebook a photo taken at Shoreline Lake
>yesterday, asking for identification. It was a juvenile Elegant Tern.
>I therefore went to the lake this morning to look for the Elegant
>Terns, but I didn't find any. I also went to Pond A2E, but they
>weren't there, either. I didn't find anything particularly unusual
>there, except for the number of Least Terns. There were at least
>thirty. Adults and juveniles alike were catching fish.
>The male Northern Red Bishop was in the same area as before, by the
>pump house at the east end of Parking Lot E (Kite Flying Area). Nobody
>else was around, so it was singing and foraging peacefully.
>Garrett Lau

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