Date: 8/1/20 1:11 pm
From: Mike Voydanoff <mike...>
Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] Yellow-headed Blackbird FWIW
The three juvenile Wood Ducks are continuing in the SW corner of the third
pond east of Meridian. No sign of the YHBB at the feeder yet, but I did see
HOOR at a feeder to the right in the same yard Bob described.

On Sat, Aug 1, 2020 at 12:02 PM Bob Reiling <rreiling2...> wrote:

> All,
> FWIW the feeder that the Yellow-Headed Blackbird was originally reported
> from can be seen with a good scope. About half way across the first Los
> Capitancilos Pond EAST of Meridian there's a large bush, look about 30
> degrees to the right you'll see a roughly round view of a light gray house,
> thru the trees, with a view of the large feeder in the middle of the view.
> I got on the site late, went west instead, but his was the only place where
> GREAT-TAILED GRACKLES, MOURNING DOVES, ETC). Three non-breeding plumaged
> WOOD DUCKS were in the third pond East of Meridian.
> I had originally planned to try for the Red-eyed Vireo but the photo was
> not posted until later this morning (8/1) and it's a big effort to get
> there if you're not certain as to its ID :-(
> Take care,
> Bob Reiling

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