Date: 8/1/20 7:01 am
From: Jim Arterburn <JIMARTERBURN...>
Subject: New Photos added to Website

I have uploaded a few more recent NE Oklahoma photos to my website.
Some of the species added include American Avocet, American Crow,
Black-necked Stilt, Black Tern, California Gull, Chimney Swift, Eastern
Bluebird, Long-billed Dowitcher, Mourning Dove, a pair of Bobwhite
Quail, Rough-winged Swallow and juvenile Scissor-tailed Flycatcher among
others. These photos are at the beginning of my recent birds gallery.
See the link below.

I have also posted two photos of a Wild Hog boar that Ken Williams and I
found in Wagoner county recently.

Also for those interested I have uploaded a few new dragonfly and
buttery photos at the links below.


Jim Arterburn
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