Date: 7/31/20 10:59 pm
From: Alvaro Jaramillo <chucao...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] Monterey pelagics - we are on. Info and some details.
Hello all,

I hope you are all well, safe and staying healthy. I wanted to mention
that our first Monterey pelagic trip is on Aug 14. We have been operating
pelagic trips out of Half Moon Bay under county guidance for keeping us safe
during this pandemic. We will be using similar protocols in Monterey, where
whale watching has been happening for a few weeks now. First of all, we will
be at less than half of total numbers the boat capacity, mandatory masks,
and encouraging people to be outside as opposed to inside the cabin, in
addition to protocols for cleaning, and sanitizing. For the Aug 14 trip we
are currently scheduled on the Sea Wolf, a larger boat than the Pt. Sur
Clipper facilitating social distancing given the reduced number of clients
on the trip. We have had to temporarily increase prices while this process
is happening. Note that 8 hour trips (Aug 23) is shorter and less expensive
than the Albacore trips.

But enough of the realities, let's dream a little! There has been some
warm water offshore, reaching 62 F at the outer buoy in Monterey recently.
Also Bluefin Tuna have been around, which is unusual. A sign that there has
been a northward movement of southern creatures. We found a Nazca Booby on
the Farallon Islands, and 5 Brown Boobies have been there, suggesting this
could be a good booby year offshore. As well, farther north some great
activity has been happening birdwise, and we expect that offshore Monterey
is likely equally interesting. We will be the first birding boat out this
season and we are looking forward to it. Baird's Beaked Whales were seen
offshore recently, always a good sign. We have great hopes and that tingling
excitement of the unknown and possibilities for our Monterey trips this
August. We hope that some of you may be able to join us this year. To book a
spot, and remember they are limited this year, please go to our website:

Looking forward to some nice Monterey boat trips! Keep safe, healthy and
sane. Get out birding, get outside and take in the best medicine of all to
calm nerves and stress - birds and nature.


Alvaro Jaramillo

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