Date: 7/31/20 9:03 pm
From: Paul Saraceni <paulsaraceni...>
Subject: Re: [SFBirds] Midnight flock of ?
Possibly Elegant Terns.

On some foggy summer nights over the years I have heard loud flocks of Elegant Terns flying E high over my home in Cole Valley. My most recent observation of this phenomenon was a few weeks ago -- 10:30 PM on July 15th.

Paul Saraceni
San Francisco

> On 07/31/2020 8:20 PM Kay Voyvodich <voyvodichkay...> wrote:
> Quite a number of people from 17th Ave to 48th Ave in Richmond district reported on the app NextDoor hearing a LOUD flock of birds at midnight on Thursday night - louder than TV. One thought it might be raccoons, but others said it was lots of birds. Any guesses? Parrots? I know coyotes can put out some serious volume too. Thought birders with a lot more knowledge than me might like to weigh in on this.

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