Date: 7/31/20 2:03 pm
From: Chuq Von Rospach via <chuqui=<>
Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] Looking, Unsuccessfully, For a Wood Duck in Santa Clara County on 7/30/2020

> On Jul 31, 2020, at 12:02 PM, Matthew Dodder <mdodder...> wrote:
> Glad you gave that a try. It always works well. If you want to find even MORE reports for species you have not seen this year, you can set up to receive “Needs” alerts for birds in the current year by going to the Explore Section and licking “Alerts”. That way, you will be alerted about birds that were not photographed.
> Another interesting thing to do is visit the Explore section, scroll down and click on “Target Species”. Set your parameters for whatever you need.

If you're logged onto eBird, try this link: <,+California,+US&r1=US-CA-085&bmo=6&emo=8&r2=US-CA-085&t2=year&mediaType=>

It should bring up the new(ish) "Target Species" list, set to Santa Clara County and what's been seen this year (only) in Jun/Jul/August. That's how I tend to see what's being seen that I need. (for me: California quail, Wrentit and Caspian Tern are -- in theory -- the easiest for me to find not currently on my county year list)

Wood duck is way down at #59 on that list, right below Sora, Osprey, andRed Bishop. There's a link that can take you to see reported sightings of the species that match the dates and location: <>

For wood duck in the last two months, there are not many (although Steve tucker just reported one at the Los Capicitilanos ponds!).

Most of the sightings are unconfirmed and not all of them feel credible to me (as happens), such as a Wood Duck reported at Shoreline Lake in early june. One reported at Sunnyvale WPCP on 7/24 has me curious, was it a mistaken Scaup? But maybe worth keeping an eye out just in case.

There were two reports in Early June at Oka ponds (Los Gatos Creek County Park) and one on 7/25 at Vasona Lake. Two reports (same party) at Hellyer Lake on 7/23, Coyote Creek Park Chain on 7/20 be Eve, Almaden Reservoir/Twin creeks area reported by both Carter and matthew, and one final report at Almaden/Quicksilver. That's about it for the county recently. I know they've been historically seen upstream of Steven's Creek Reservoir near the Cal Fire complex, but nothing reported.

So I think eBird is showing some places to explore but no place right now where they're a likely catch. But seems like a fun chase...

(I've been meaning to write up something on the targets page and haven't gotten to it. Plus, this seemed like a fun chase. Hopefully this email will get cleaned up and posted one of these minutes as a Birding 101...)


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