Date: 7/31/20 12:27 pm
From: Scott Page <desertvu...>
Subject: Mississippi Kite Continues 7-31-2020 Wetland Park
The long-staying MS Kite -- approximately 30 days -- continued today at the perch it has used on the east side of Vern's Pond at Wetland Park. The kite was there at 7:30 am when I arrived after birding the Duck Creek area. Today, as in past observations, the kite had apparently hunted and caught a cicada which is it was consuming on the perch, consistent with references stating a preference for large insects. It remains quite unwary and approachable.

Also today, I noticed a noticeable filling in of the whitish blotchy chest and breast plumage seen in this bird in early July -- thought to be that of a juvenile male -- into the more even, ashy gray tone of an adult. Attached is a photo-composite of two shots I got of the kite about a month apart. You can see the frontal plumage transforming into a more even gray. However, this bird still seems much darker overall than guide photos:

eBird checklist from Duck Creek area including a side trip for the kite:
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