Date: 7/30/20 10:14 pm
From: Michelle Nelson <mmnelson57...>
Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] Emily Renzel Wetlands
By the way, I think there are still 3 pied-billed grebe nests, two in the
north pond and one in the south pond (right at the "shore" of the large
See photos.

Plus - what kind of nest is hanging over the water?

Thank you.

Michelle Nelson

On Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 9:31 PM Michelle Nelson via <mmnelson57=
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> I visited Emily Renzel Wetlands Wednesday. I had checked out the Alviso
> County Park first, but the birds were pretty far away and I knew I could
> see some activity over in Palo Alto. I wasn't disappointed.
> While I have seen aggressive behavior in birds before, this was pretty
> special because I was able to get a good expression in a photo.
> A killdeer parent was sharing a clump of vegetation with a juvenile green
> heron. I didn't even know the heron was there. After about 5 minutes, the
> heron decided it had had enough of "sharing," so it let the killdeer know
> that this little spot was his/hers. The killdeer tried moving away, first
> to the left, then the right, but the heron was still not satisfied. Yikes.
> After it got its way, it stayed for maybe two minutes, then left! Teenagers!
> *I resized the photos. I hope it works. I'm still learning the tricks of
> the trade.*
> Michelle Nelson

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