Date: 7/30/20 9:31 pm
From: Michelle Nelson <mmnelson57...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Emily Renzel Wetlands
I visited Emily Renzel Wetlands Wednesday. I had checked out the Alviso
County Park first, but the birds were pretty far away and I knew I could
see some activity over in Palo Alto. I wasn't disappointed.
While I have seen aggressive behavior in birds before, this was pretty
special because I was able to get a good expression in a photo.
A killdeer parent was sharing a clump of vegetation with a juvenile green
heron. I didn't even know the heron was there. After about 5 minutes, the
heron decided it had had enough of "sharing," so it let the killdeer know
that this little spot was his/hers. The killdeer tried moving away, first
to the left, then the right, but the heron was still not satisfied. Yikes.
After it got its way, it stayed for maybe two minutes, then left! Teenagers!

*I resized the photos. I hope it works. I'm still learning the tricks of
the trade.*

Michelle Nelson

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