Date: 7/30/20 5:17 pm
From: Garth McElroy <mcelroy499...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Barn Swallow nestling mortality question
This is actually very interesting as we've had the same issue with our garage colony up here in Western Maine. We had six nests this year and in at least two of the nests the fledglings left the nest to early. A few of them had heavy mite loads and that can drive the chicks out of the nest to soon. We cleaned and sprayed a few of them but most did not survive. Now upon the second nestings we have had newly hatched chicks and even nearly hatched eggs dead on the floor. I'm not sure what to attribute these recent mortalities to at such a young age. We've only ever had the odd fledgling not survive and never this much mortality. Usually the first batch of fledlings will stay with the adults in the garage through the 2nd nesting. Not this year which is also strange. On the flipside our 15 or so pairs of tree swallows had a record year.

Garth McElroy / McElroy Productions
Natural History and Wildlife Filming
Anson, Maine USA 04911

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