Date: 7/30/20 3:08 pm
From: Elaine Halbedel <inannaqoh...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] [EXT]SW NM: Painted Bunting
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Here at my home just NW of Silver City, NM (Grant County), I was washing dishes this AM when I noted a very red-breasted small bird through the window. Binoculars showed it to be a male PAINTED BUNTING, a first as a Yard Bird for me. I was able to observe it several more times, noting the bright blue head and olive green back easily. It skulked in the locust trees, but did eventually go to a water feature. I was able to photograph it through the thick dark screen of my screened-in porch (2 photos posted to eBird), but they are simply species demonstrative, not 'pretty'. Alas, every time that I stealthily opened the porch door to get a better shot, the bird flushed. At one point it was in the same binocular view as a male BLUE GROSBEAK which made for chromatically spectacular eye candy.

Elaine Halbedel
Silver City, NM
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