Date: 7/30/20 1:09 pm
From: <jonathan...>
Subject: [obol] ebird and extended trips
Hi all. Not sure if it's OK to post general ebird questions here, but
thought this group might have some advice/opinions.

What is the standard best practice for reporting casual sightings from a
location where you're 'out all day' and observe a handful of species
throughout the day? I checked/googled e-bird for advice on this topic, but
couldn't find a clear answer.

An example is most recent post - spotted a few woodpeckers (and various
other species) over the course of 3 days of hiking. But this doesn't have to
be a backpacking trip necessarily. Do I.

1 - Do a number of individual posts of these individual birds - so 20 minute
length with the particular bird, and any others that happen to be around
then? If so, how much time is appropriate? E-bird says they prefer reports
over shorter time periods. But, wouldn't that skew the results if you only
make a report when something notable makes an appearance?

2- Do a single trip report that spans numerous days?

3- Do a trip report "each day"

For each of the last two, that's a lot to keep track of. and especially if
you're moving around a lot. Any other suggestions?

On this particular trip, there weren't a ton of birds in general, but the
few that made an appearance were notable (at least to me), I'd like to have
a record of them, but not sure the best approach.


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