Date: 7/30/20 11:46 am
From: HAROLD YOCUM <drhal2...>
Subject: S. Jenkins Road this AM
i birded along the S. Jenkins Road this morning 9-11. Had 15 species.

Indigo Bunting- 3 , 2 singing

Yellow billed cuckoo- 2, 1 calling

carolina wren- 4 at least calling , saw 2

bluegray gnatcatcher-2

empid species- 1

scissortail flycatcher- 13, several were young ones

eastern bluebird-10

turkey vulture-many 15-20, most soaring and 2 sitting on utility pole cross bar

great blue heron- 1 fly over

hawk, 1 distant on large dead tree( pileated tree) likely a coopers based on tail length and shape.

eastern kingbird- 2

red bellied woodpecker-2

red headed woodpecker- 2, 1 was immature

dickcissel- sang 1x

n. cardinal-5

Hal Yocum
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