Date: 7/30/20 8:41 am
From: <jonathan...>
Subject: [obol] Help with woodpecker ID - central Oregon cascades
Just got back from a 3 day trip in the Diamond Peak Wilderness.. Not a ton
of active birdlife out there, but those that made appearances were notable.

A few woodpeckers made an appearance, and just looking for some opinions on
these. Not great photos, but hopefully good enough to ID.

First one I think I have - a juvenile Hairy Woodpecker

Next one, pretty sure this is a 3-toed Woodpecker. especially given you can
see the 3 toes (though, possible one could be hidden behind the leg).
Though, it was drumming on a tree, and did not have the yellow crown (I have
another photo of it flying off). Do females drum? Or is the yellow
forehead/crown sometimes not present?

Finally, there's this one

The black throat is throwing me off. Seems it might be a juvenile something,
but not sure what that would be. But, it might be just twisting its head so
this is not really a black throat (though it doesn't appear to be twisting
much). and the lighting might make it appear darker.

Oh, and one bonus. I'm assuming this is a Barrow's Goldeneye based on range,
but the bill looks more like Common Goldeneye. Any thoughts?


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