Date: 7/29/20 10:35 pm
From: Noreen Baker <gnbaker92...>
Subject: [texbirds] Update on Red-billed Tropicbird

As some of you may have seen from posts on other lists, my family and I
were in Port Aransas over the weekend and were fortunate to find a
Red-billed Tropicbird resting on the beach Sunday morning after
Hurricane Hanna had passed through the area. At the time I was not able to
post to Texbirds but contacted Eric Carpenter to get the word out in case
anyone else had the chance to try for the bird. I later learned that folks
who did come out were unable to refind it. As we left the beach, several
other folks had noticed the bird and at least one person was trying to
contact the local animal rescue facility in case the bird needed help. Out
of curiosity, I contacted the facility today to see if they had picked up
the bird, and if they had, to see how it was doing. The employee I spoke to
indicated that they had indeed received numerous calls about the bird but
were also unable to find it when they went out to look for it. They did
however speak to one lady who was keeping an eye on the bird who said it
had gotten up and was moving around a bit, and that at one point she was
distracted for a couple of minutes and when she looked back, it was gone.
So it seems like it was unhurt and as soon as it rested enough, it wasted
no time in heading back out to sea, which I was happy to hear. I did
eventually get the sighting in eBird with photos (link below in case anyone
is interested). I'm not sure about the age of the bird, but it appeared to
be somewhere between juvenile and adult.

Noreen Baker
Austin, TX

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