Date: 7/29/20 7:40 am
From: marty bray <mborcc...>
Subject: [obol] Bar-tailed Godwit at Ona Beach (Lincoln) is not a juvenile
Hi All,

Paul Lehman contacted me and professionally pointed out to me that the
Bar-tailed Godwit seen yesterday at Ona Beach is not a juvenile.

Quoting Paul, "It is mostly in basic plumage, perhaps a one-year-old bird
or simply an extremely dull female, which can be very dull in some
individuals. Note that the wing coverts and back are very plain gray and a
bit worn. Juveniles have a very different pattern to the upperparts and
more of a wash of warm color underneath"

I appreciate the correction and wanted others to know about it. And thank
you Paul for the information.

Marty Bray

Seal Rock

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