Date: 7/29/20 5:48 am
From: Marylyn Pillsbury <000001cae55256d1-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Bluebird cam, final double feature
Thanks for sending. A great gift to see them in nest. Marylyn Pillsbury So Hero
On Wednesday, July 29, 2020 Ian Clark <VTBIRD...> wrote:
And the time has come to say goodbye.  Chicks Two and Three fledged together early last evening. Our last chick wasn’t convinced on the idea. He spent a while pondering heading out last night before deciding to sleep on it. This morning, Mom spent some time calling from her perch in the front yard. The chick would go to the door and look out, but couldn’t make the leap. He final went at 1024 this morning. The chicks and parents have been coming and going around the yard since.

And, Elvis, our kingbird, showed up with a couple hungry chicks in tow this afternoon as well.
And, so, we’ll conclude with a double feature. We’ve got chicks Two and Three taking the leap last night and Four going this morning. Keep watching after Four leaves, he surprises one of the parents who shows up a couple minutes later with a snack.

The files are uploading at 8:00 this evening, they should be ready shortly. Copy & paste the link:
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