Date: 7/28/20 9:13 pm
From: Jim Rowoth <rowoth...>
Subject: Re: [SJBirds] White Slough WTP Semi Sandpiper
Ralph should not feel bad for missing the Bank Swallow at the Lodi Sewage Ponds. Upon further reflection and consideration of the tail shape, it morphed into a juvenile Northern Rough-winged Swallow—juvenile delinquency strikes again. Such an easy mis-identification, which I’ll wager we have all made at one time or another. And nice work on the Semipalmated Sandpiper. With shorebird migration well underway, it is possible/probable that there are different individuals being seen out there of late.

I actually drove south on I-5 from Hwy 12 this afternoon and noticed (for the first time ever) that there was a yellow gate blocking the entry to the White Slough Wildlife Area, so I was glad that Ralph confirmed this fact. Let’s hope that this is a signal that the "powers that be" are finally going to do something about the atrocious condition of the dirt entry road and maybe even clean up the garbage and cut back on the riff-raff that are frequently found there.

Jim Rowoth

> On Jul 28, 2020, at 7:54 PM, Ralph via <sharks_hockey_maniac=<> wrote:
> I went up today to look for the sandpiper, and Jim Gain's Bank Swallow, because I thought I needed both for the county.
> When I arrived at the ponds Liz West and Donald Pendleton were already there but had not seen either bird. They headed toward their cars and I started looking. I eventually found a good candidate and texted Liz, she and Donald were still in the birder parking area, and they came back. The bird that I was on flew before Liz and Donald got back to where I was but a few minutes later I found it again, or a different "good candidate" (I'm still not sure if the first one was the Semi or a short-billed Western). This one turned out to be the Semi. I never did see a Bank Swallow, though. The SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER was still foraging in the SW pond.
> I had been thinking about going to look for swallows at White Slough Wildlife Area after leaving the WTP and decided not to, but then I thought "Since I'm here..." and went after all. The gate was closed and I did not feel like walking in so I left and stopped at Bear Creek Bike Path instead. Not much there at 4:00 in 90 degree weather. So I went home. When I started updating my lists I found that I already had Semi Sandpiper for San Joaquin County! But it was a year bird, so not a totally wasted trip.
> As always, happy birding, stay safe, stay SANE, and may the light be with you,
> Ralph Baker, Riverbank

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