Date: 7/28/20 6:09 pm
From: Shawn Ashbaugh <shawnashbaugh...>
Subject: Re: [AZNMbirds] [EXT]Plain capped Starthroat ( next to ) Paton's today.
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Thanks a ton for your help today, Thor!

On Tue, Jul 28, 2020 at 6:07 PM Thor Manson <thormanson...> wrote:

> *External Email*
> Hi Birders. Well today was a good, although occasionally frustrating
> experience, trying to see the Plain capped Starthroat next to Tucson
> Audubon's Paton's Center for Hummingbirds in Patagonia.
> It was good, because several birders were able to see the bird, and a
> couple got decent pics. It was frustrating because the other hummingbirds,
> especially the Broad billeds kept chasing the starthroat off the feeders
> when it attempted to land and feed. I totally get that this is how it
> works when you have a dominant species around, but still frustrating,
> especially when it meant other birders present didn't get to see the bird.
> First of all, I appreciate Tucson Audubon's Executive Director's (
> Jonathan Lutz ) post which precedes this one on this site, and would
> recommend any birders who try for this bird in the next few days read that
> first.
> Today, with fellow volunteers, Kirk and Linda, we made an effort to move
> as many hummingbird feeders into positions where they could easily be seen
> from the road, as Paton's itself remains closed- see Jonathan's post
> please.
> So, if you decide to try for the bird, you should know there is plenty of
> shade from the road, where you should locate yourself. However, if you
> want to " stake out " the bird, I would recommend you bring a chair as it
> can a bit of a wait to see the bird, and it may only be a brief sighting.
> The bird could show up at any of the feeders that we have located just
> inside the fence, along with one that is right in the parking area by the
> road. However, it should be possible to keep an eye on pretty well all
> those feeders at, more, or less, the same time. The only tip I can think
> of is that when the Broad billeds chase the starthroat off a feeder, try to
> see where it goes. On a couple of occasions, it just flew to a nearby
> tree, and was visible there. This is how I got my only really good look at
> the bird, as it ended up just above my head. Enjoy, and be safe. Thor
> Thor Manson
> Green Valley
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