Date: 7/28/20 8:58 am
From: Jonathan Lutz <jlutz...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] [EXT]Notes from the Paton Center
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Greetings, fellow birders.

Thanks to Andrew Core and others for reminding folks that the Paton Center
property remains closed. We'll likely be confirming later this week that
the closure will extend through August for the reasons previously stated.
Thanks to all those who have provided unsolicited feedback and insights in
regards to the closure, and for appreciating the challenge of determining
when and under what conditions re-opening a birding hotspot like Patons' is

To the many folks on site, en route, or planning a visit to Patagonia to
chase the Plain-capped Starthroat reported yesterday by birder, volunteer,
and friend, Bob Perna:

- Please be courteous to our neighbors and do not utilize their driveway
as a turnaround; it's easy to u-turn most passenger vehicles in front of
the TNC preserve sign about a quarter-mile past the old cattle guard, or
drive further down the road to the first preserve access (the preserve is
currently closed).
- Please park completely off the road to avoid interfering with thru
traffic on Blue Heaven Road/Pennsylvania Ave. The Town Marshal patrols this
road regularly and we'd like to stay in his and local residents' good
graces. Parking is also available in Patagonia Town Park, which is less
than a mile walk from the Paton Center and affords good birding. Somebody
find another rarity!
- Keep a careful eye on the weather. If monsoon activity erupts in the
Patagonia Mountains, it doesn't take long for Sonoita Creek to begin
flowing and make the creek crossing dangerous to impossible. An alternate
route exists, but is intended for locals' use only, so please don't rely on
trying to find and use it. Please plan accordingly.
- We're very grateful for the respectful behavior of 95% of those who've
been visiting and viewing birds from outside the perimeter fence, observing
the closure. Please don't be a member of the 5% Club and think the rules
don't apply to you. Be courteous, be kind, and enjoy the birds. Our amazing
staff and volunteers have done their best to arrange feeders for optimum
viewing from the road. Please give them your gratitude.

Most importantly, I wish you success in finding and enjoying the marvelous
little hummingbird. Remember that Patagonia is a birding hotspot because of
its wealth of healthy habitat, the Sonoita Creek corridor, and a community
that embraces a conservation ethic. Showing your support for organizations
like Borderlands Restoration (and affiliates), The Nature Conservancy,
Friends of Sonoita Creek, the Patagonia Area Resource Alliance, and Tucson
Audubon has a meaningful impact on preserving this special place for birds
and people. Likewise, remaining aware of potential threats and making your
voice heard is vitally important to maintaining the biodiversity unique to
the region.

Let's keep 'em flying!

With gratitude,

Jonathan E. Lutz
Executive Director
Tucson Audubon Society
(520) 209-1801
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