Date: 7/27/20 10:05 pm
From: Larry via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Cockenoe Island
The recent reports perked my interest, some may recall me doing a silly
blog about the Norwalk Islands a decade ago,
Prior to 2010 there were about zero nesting birds on the Cockenoe sandspit
for a number of years, yes it was a hotspot at times during the 70's on
into perhaps the 80's, Mr. Mantlik please chime in on that.
When I was youngster back in the early 60's there was a whole lot more
land to this sand spit, Our family used to boat there to picnic and swim
on summer weekends, that sand spit was long and much wider back then, today
there is only remnants of what was, these days with every passing
nor-easter and hurricane Cockenoe and other islands in the Norwalk Island
chain are becoming less and less in acreage.
There were two major noreasters over the previous winter and it changed the
landscape of the sandspit. After the terns arrived Dennis Varza remarked to
me that the landscape change probably made suitable habitat for the newly
nesting terns, here is my blog on what led up to this point. Please excuse
my poor grammar and spelling.
followed by...

a bit more

These blogs are a small historical look at the terns 2010 nesting season on
Cockenoe, back then there were almost as many Least Terns as Common, wow
that has changed.
Two of Patricks interns and I spent some midnight hours studying the
spring tide effects on the bar...

There are years more of these blogs, no need for me to go on, Hopefully
folks will have an understanding of the erosion of this tiny sand spit and
some of the wildlife that tries to evolve around it.
Note: these 2010 blogs are a decade old, the spit has lost more earth
since, so lesser tides will cause more havoc.
Please, someone save this history. I may never repeat it.
Thank you to Tina, Sean, Brendan and others for keeping up with the Norwalk
Great Job!!!

Larry Flynn
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