Date: 7/27/20 5:11 pm
From: Brooke Miller via <idbirds=<>
Subject: [southbaybirds] JUNE 2020 - Santa Clara County Cumulative Bird Report

I received a sighting for May, too late to include in my May report: A Willow Flycatcher, found on 28-May in the South San Jose yard of Hita Modha. That increased May’s totals to 10 countable birds, for a total of 255 at the end of May.

For June we had 2 countable birds, for a total of 257 countable birds at the end of the month. The average for the month of June is 4 new birds, and the average total is 255 birds. This year I am also keeping track, separately, of the birds that are not ABA-countable. There were no such birds in June. Thank you to everyone who birded, and took the time to report birds either on SBB, eBird, or send emails directly to me.

Here are the 2 countable birds for June, including rarity codes:

1. 4-Jun: Magnolia Warbler (6), Loma Prieta Area, seen by Mike Mammoser and Liam Murphy
2. 19-Jun: Rose-breasted Grosbeak (5), seen by Taylor Gilbert in his yard on Old Summit Road

My monthly reports are made up of eBird sightings, postings on SBB, and direct emails. You can find all the monthly cumulative lists on the SCVAS website at: <>. Please post all your sightings to: mailto:<south-bay-birds...> or to <> .

Please contact me if you find errors or omissions, or have questions or comments.

Brooke Miller

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