Date: 7/27/20 3:09 pm
From: Ian Clark <lenscapon...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Bluebird cam, likely penultimate edition
Our first intrepid chick ventured out into the world about 11:00 this morning. As of about 6:00, the three others remain in the box. Our adventurer hasn’t gone far. He’s hanging around the deck, with mom and dad still bringing him meals. Elvis, our resident kingbird, stopped by for a few minutes to check him out. I’m a little surprised the parents didn’t run him off – it seems like he’d be competition for the bugs.

A couple people have asked why they’re getting a message like “you’re leaving the GMX service” when you click on the link. I’m using a webmail service, GMX, for the list messages. The VTBird list doesn’t like my ‘official’ email for some reason. Just easier for me to use GMX. And, messages to the UV Birders list are easier just to CC.

Not sure why some of you have had problems with the last few days videos. When I get a chance, I’ll try reencoding them and reposting.
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