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Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] re barn swallows and current events
I was thinking the same thing...looking for something to control in a world spinning out of control....forgive him.  But keep your barn open!Angel

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Subject: [VTBIRD] re barn swallows and current events

The persnickety neighbor might be under a lot of stress right now that's
completely unrelated to birds. People have lost jobs and seen their
offspring struggle with job loss. People are scared about sickness and
are feeling the tensions of reduced freedom to roam and many
restrictions and anxieties every time they go out into their
communities. People are made ill themselves by every morning's news. I
think many little irritations can explode into big ones easily in this
environment! - The swallows migrating should be one less thing grating
on this grouchy neighbor's mood.
(Charlie, I loved your list and copied it out for frequent rereading!)
Maeve Kim, Jericho Center
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