Date: 7/27/20 7:38 am
From: Stephen Mirick <smirick...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Durham, NH Mississippi Kites - BAD BEHAVIOR AND CHANGES BEING MADE
I'm sorry to report that there has been continued bad behavior at the
Mississippi Kite nest in Durham. I was privately contacted by a
neighbor who has reported further cases of illegal parking and
trespassing with photographers walking down their driveway into their
back yard. I suspect that most of the bad behavior comes from
photographers, some who don't even own or carry binoculars!

I'm embarrassed to be a birder and photographer when I hear (and see)
what people do. I am not the "police" of the kite nest and this is all
public property with a sidewalk. But at the request of the neighbors, I
am asking that the following guidelines be followed:

1) People have been "camping out" to get great photos. If you visit,
stay a short while only. Limit your stay to 15 minutes or less. If you
don't get a great photo or witness a food exchange, then too bad. Be
happy you got to see the kites.

2) Do not park on Madbury Road. It is illegal. Find a side street and
walk. The exercise is good for you.

3) DO NOT TRESSPASS! (why do I need to even ask this!?!?!)

4) Stay on the sidewalk only and be courteous of other people who use
the sidewalks. It is your responsibility to move you tripod if other
people are biking or walking along the street.

5) Do not block driveways with spotting scopes or tripods.

6) Avoid photographs toward any houses. I know the nest is located
above a house, but be careful.

7) Wear a mask (or at least have one ready to put on) if someone comes
by to talk to you. We all know the rules with respect to COVID.

8) If you see bad behavior by other birders or photographers, LET THEM

9) Above all, be respectful.

In addition to these guidelines, I am relocating the hotspot on eBird so
that it does not direct people toward the house. I am also asking that
people not post the specific location on any email lists or photography
web sites.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Steve Mirick
Bradford, MA

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