Date: 7/26/20 7:36 pm
From: Rebecca Suomala <rsuomala2...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Sedge Wren in doubt
Hi Folks,
I returned to Meadow Brook marsh last night and again early this morning pre-dawn (3:45 am) listening for the wren I heard.

I heard only Marsh Wrens. I did not hear the bird I initially heard and identified as Sedge, but after listening to the variation of wrens in the eBird recording by Chris McPherson (thanks Chris), I can’t rule out the possibility that what I first heard was a distant odd Marsh Wren. There is one on his tape that is particularly staccato and lacking the characteristic Marsh rattle. This is also the time of year when young Marsh Wrens may be learning to sing and maybe they are creating some odd sounds.

I am officially changing my eBird entry to Wren sp. I can’t confirm what I heard was a Marsh, but I think there’s too much evidence that it could have been to stay with Sedge Wren.

I apologize for all the confusion.
Becky Suomala
Concord, NH

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