Date: 7/26/20 5:16 pm
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Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] Cowbirds dropping eggs in nest box Knox Farm State Park
    Today at about 5PM in Knox Farm State  Park ,
I saw a cowbird fly suspiciously from a nest box. 
Since I was not dressed for wading in the brush
surrounding  the box, I decided to alert any
potential Good Samaritan  where the next box with
the egg(s) is or may be

    Park in either the newly paved  lot or the
large gravel lot in the main entrance of Knox Farm
From here go west on the main (unpaved) trail 
parallel to  the fence line on the left, and the
huge grassland on the right.  After a 1/4 a mile
or so the trail goes into a  mature woodlot,  up a
small rise where it  splits 2 ways near a box
containing books. Bear left and take the lowest
trail which  goes  west along the south edge of
the woodlot. After about 1/10 mile the main trail
leaves the woodlot and turns left (south).   Go
south for about 50 feet.  The birdhouse is on the
edge of the large swampy area on the left(east)
side of the trail , and where  the Cowbird took off.
    I  assume but cannot promise if any egg was
actually dropped, as the  top lid of  the nest box
was stuck and the front hole of the box faced away
from the trail.  If any of  you are interested in
removing the egg(s), wear clothing suitable for
some brush.   Good luck if your are interested,
and please keep me posted.
Lewis Crowell

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