Date: 7/26/20 4:01 pm
From: Steve Bennett <sbennett999...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Fledging Osprey at Great Bay NWR
There are two long-established Osprey nest at the Great Bay NWR, both
inside the former weapons storage area. One nest has three chicks, the
other has two.

Today I watched two from the front nest either fly for the first time or
they were both very recently fledged.

They could fly pretty well, but neither has mastered the art of landing.
They were overshooting the nest and then trying to drop in at the last
second and once that resulted in the bird bouncing right back out of the
nest. A couple of times they were short of the nest and would crash into
the side.

One of the adults was perched on a crossbar a couple hundred feet from the
nest. It took each of the fledglings at least three attempts before they
finally landed on the crossbar with the adult who was waiting there with a

As none of them appeared to get hurt, all in all, it was pretty

Steve Bennett, Portsmouth

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