Date: 7/26/20 3:46 pm
From: Carter Gasiorowski <carter.gasiorowski...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Ibis, Pelicans, and Plovers at Alviso
Today, my dad and I arrived at Alviso at 7:40 am. The gate was closed so we parked outside. Walking around the small boardwalks, I recorded two VIRGINIA RAILS calling from near the middle boardwalk. Also, there was a pair of cooperative HOODED ORIOLES below the sitting steps. On the east side of A12 were two BROWN PELICANS flying overhead, and another one over A13. Continuing on to A15, a quick scan from the southeast corner revealed two adult SNOWY PLOVERS and two tiny precocial young. After crossing over the railroad tracks, there were numerous terns on A16, but I didn’t see the Common Tern. A female GADWALL rested with six duckling at the north end of A16. Scoping A17 revealed two BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS and about 70 SEMIPALMATED PLOVERS. Unusual was an adult Western Sandpiper running around on the gravel near the pump house. On our return trip, we stopped to scope A12. While I was scoping, my dad exclaimed, “What’s THAT?” I looked and was shocked to see a WHITE-FACED IBIS flying over! By the time I got locked onto it, is was probably over A17 already, but the pictures at least show the long, down curved Ibis beak. It came from over A13 and I lost it over A17, so I’m not sure where it was coming from/headed. Our original target bird for the outing was Elegant Tern, which we didn’t find, but I’m glad we came looking so we could see all these other birds!

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