Date: 7/26/20 8:03 am
From: Veer Frost <0000038039fb4cf6-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] barn swallows in peril (complaint from neighbor0
Dear list on a summer day, this post by Janet is upsetting to read.
I'm sure birders are also lawyers. Could someone chime in even if to
shoot down what I'm thinking: that the birds are protected, that one's
barn is one's castle. Whether inconvenience caused by a bird is
Janet's responsibility or a force majeure : ).
Veer Frost, Passumpsic NEK

On 7/26/2020 at 9:53 AM, "Janet Warren" wrote:Greetings,

Below is an e-mail from our next-door neighbor. We have had barn
swallows nesting in our barn for fourteen years, and they have
obviously been here far longer, given the number of nests we found in
the barn when we moved in. We generally have four or five pairs
nesting each season. We do live fairly close to the neighbor, but
this is the first complaint. As far as I could see from where I am,
there are no droppings on his roofs, or porch, and there are six on
mine . He has always kept his garage closed most of the time. It does
not seem reasonable to me that he should expect us to deny the
swallows access to a barn they have been inhabiting since time
I’ll be devastated if I lose them. I wait eagerly in the spring
for their arrival, and my health may make this one my last. I would
welcome the thoughts of fellow listers on this matter.

~Janet Warren

Greetings from next door. I would like to bring to your attention just
how demoralizing it is to have to deal with what appears to me to be
an out-of-control bird explosion in our immediate area, at least
demoralizing to me and from my perspective. I can't tell you the
impact of multiple cleaning of bird poop off of my house and my cars,
my back deck and my roofs, that I regularly have to do. I can no
longer leave my garage doors open as the swallows swoop in and out ,
sometimes out at the motivation of a swinging broom, and it is not my
desire to have them roost in there, or anywhere. I wash bird poop off
of my decks and do it again the next day. Ditto with cars. My side
garden looks like a casualty from the London Blitz. Then there is the
"ick" factor. I know that it's just a matter of time before I become
their hit zone, and even a one-time occurrence would cause me to

Really, it is bordering on the intolerable, one that you have noticed
as well or have seen for yourselves as the birds (mostly swallows)
swoop and dive almost all day over your property, my property, my
driveway and garage and the fields to the east, or their roosting
spots (the peak of my garage roof and second level barn door ledge),
and I hope we could engage in some understanding of the impact of the
present conditions and arrive at a plausible solution. Perhaps I could
learn something from you that would add to what I don't know or am not
aware of, I am hopeful that e could engage as neighbors with a

I just don't ever remember these nuisance birds in such numbers, and
for me it's become a problem. I was going to walk over last week
during a late afternoon shade sit to bring this up with you but you
had company, clearly not the right time. I hope the right time is
soon. Thank you both for whatever attention you may wish to give to
this issue.
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