Date: 7/25/20 5:36 pm
From: Justin Cook <jrc7219...>
Subject: [obol] Re: some Clackamas County shorebird habitat

Thanks for the Clackamas email string!

Just a quick note about Faraday Reservoir, last time I was there it said no
entry due to construction. This was maybe a month ago (I live in a weird
time continuum sometimes so grains of salt...) Could have changed by now.


On Sat, Jul 25, 2020, 11:47 AM Tim Shelmerdine <>

> Hello, all.
> Tom pretty accurately summarized the current situation for shorebird
> habitat in Clackamas County.
> This year, Blount Road Slough has been poor since it was drained in the
> spring. The years they plough it and plant it are the worst. Some years it
> recovers enough to have shorebirds if there is a good amount of rain before
> shorebird migration is over.
> Anderson Road, south of Canby, can be good in the spring, but dries out
> during the summer.
> Coffee Lake is dangerous, as Tom said, even if you park near the private
> lane and walk down. I had yellowlegs, and both Least and Western Sandpipers
> there in the spring. I have had bittern there in the past.
> I suppose lake edges like the mud edges at Timothy Lake or Faraday
> Reservoir, or even Trillium Lake might be worth checking although weekends
> might have too many people.
> I wish I could be more helpful, but I think this year shorebirds will be
> difficult in the county.
> Tim

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