Date: 7/25/20 3:33 pm
From: Ian Clark <lenscapon...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Bluebird cam, Saturday edition
Another busy day for the yard birds. Ruby Valentino is under constant siege as he tries to protect HIS feeder. We had about a dozen hummingbirds mixing it up at one point. Our song sparrow perched near the deck and sang for a bit - I'm guessing he's glad all the chicks are taking care of themselves. Atticus led a charm of goldfinches on an inspection tour of our thistle which is just beginning to bloom. Fexlix the catbird hid in the azaleas just off the deck and tormented the dogs for a while. Margret thrasher grabbed some dinner off the lawn several times. And Magnon led our murder of crows in an exciting concert mid afternoon. Yesterday, when I didn't have time to photograph them, I counted 15 monarchs working the milkweed in the front yard. Today, set up with camera, just one wandered by, without stopping.
Meanwhile, the bluebirds - at least mom and dad, maybe a chick - kept up a steady schedule of deliveries to the chicks. The chicks spent much of the day talking things over, and peering out the door.
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