Date: 7/25/20 11:47 am
From: Tim Shelmerdine <>
Subject: [obol] some Clackamas County shorebird habitat
Hello, all.
Tom pretty accurately summarized the current situation for shorebird
habitat in Clackamas County.
This year, Blount Road Slough has been poor since it was drained in the
spring. The years they plough it and plant it are the worst. Some years it
recovers enough to have shorebirds if there is a good amount of rain before
shorebird migration is over.
Anderson Road, south of Canby, can be good in the spring, but dries out
during the summer.
Coffee Lake is dangerous, as Tom said, even if you park near the private
lane and walk down. I had yellowlegs, and both Least and Western Sandpipers
there in the spring. I have had bittern there in the past.
I suppose lake edges like the mud edges at Timothy Lake or Faraday
Reservoir, or even Trillium Lake might be worth checking although weekends
might have too many people.
I wish I could be more helpful, but I think this year shorebirds will be
difficult in the county.

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