Date: 7/25/20 8:36 am
From: Judy Kane <judy.kane2949...>
Subject: Re: [SJBirds] Crows to roost/Stockton
I had 75+ crows fly over this morning about 6:30 going NW, we are in NW
Stockton. They were almost silent but one sat in the top of a neighbor's
redwood tree, calling (maybe making sure they knew they were on the correct
route! Ha!).


On Wed, Jul 22, 2020 at 2:31 PM Jim Rowoth <rowoth...> wrote:

> From time to time, I get a murder of crows in my neighborhood, generally
> in the evening, but it’s certainly not every day and not particularly
> predictable and not recently. They make quite a racket when one of them
> sights a raptor or just decides to sound off, when everyone chimes in. (I
> think they like the sound of their voices.) I’ve seen larger gatherings of
> crows in the trees at the Carson Oaks branch of the Bank of Stockton
> (corner of Ben Holt & Pacific), which is only a couple of blocks from here,
> so I assume they are the same birds. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are
> the birds Susan reported here, but I’ll bet Pat’s are a different group.
> I’m sure there are multiple gathering places.
> There is certainly more than one “Crows Landing” in the Central Valley. I
> remember years ago when I used to help with the Sacramento CBC at Discovery
> Park with Waldo Holt, at the end of the day, there would be an apparent
> constant stream of crows flying north to south along the Sacramento River.
> More recently but not in the CV, when visiting my sister in Oceanside, I’ve
> seen rivers of crows noislly passing over NW to SE.
> On Jul 21, 2020, at 10:13 PM, Pat Paternostro <broncos30...>
> wrote:
> There were 40 or so in Peterson Park (Lodi) this morning. Must be
> gathering up time?
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> *Subject:* [SJBirds] Crows to roost
> I went out (in NE Stockton) to enjoy the sunset, and 150 crows flew over
> my place, heading SW. Wow. Wonder where they're going.
> Anyone else have spectacles like that recently?
> Good birding,
> Susan
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M. Judith Kane

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