Date: 7/24/20 7:36 pm
From: <jmeredit...>
Subject: [obol] Harney misc - Solitary Sandpiper
I am reporting on notables from my commute east to the boonies to camp
near my family.

Maybe Solitary Sandpiper is the best for the day. That was at The
Narrows viewing area. It was on the west side of 205. Otherwise, a
handful of peeps, no yellowlegs, usual stuff.

At mp 17 on 205 I started seeing Loggerhead Shrikes on the wires,
totaling 4 in that mile. There was also one at the intersection of Hwy
20 and Greenhouse. Often seen there I think.

At Chickahominy, I explored to the west as far as there was water and
mud. Lots of ibis, 6 Long-billed Curlew, one Least. so, not a show of
shorebirds! The show was in the sage with species in small family sized
groups or carrying food to nests near the road. 20 sparrows in one
flock, mixed Casper and Brewer's. Only one Sagebrush Sparrow but it was
mid afternoon and hot. I think I had 15 Sage Thrashers.

Not much to report on Riley pond but a curiosity, WF Ibis up high on a
pivot with 50 ravens etc. Other Ibis were down in the field. I bird that
pond by driving behind it near the gravel piles as I dislike highway
noise and so do the birds.

Might get to Bedee Res tonight and will send a note if there is a story.
On to and through Malheur county tomorrow a.m.

Stay safe and good birding, Judy
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