Date: 7/24/20 2:45 pm
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] B-n Stilts at Sheridan sewage ponds
The last couple days a worker has reported Black-necked Stilts at the
Sheridan sewage ponds. He's reported as many as three, even up to this

I went down there 10:15 - 12:15 and searched all the ponds. I did not find
the stilts, but I trust his report. There was a bird at the ponds for most
of a month last summer. He knows "stilts" and reported pink legs.

My consolation prize was an adult Bonaparte's Gull and 3 Lesser Yellowlegs.

The list:

3 Canada Geese

120 Mallards plus a few broods

4 Shovelers

2 Cinnamon Teal

4 Lesser Scaup

2 Ruddy Ducks

1 E. collared-dove

2 Rock Pigeons

34 Coots

1 Pied-billed Grebe

1 Turkey Vulture

14 Killdeer

2 Spotted Sandpipers

1 Western Sandpiper

2 Least Sandpipers

2 Greater Yellowlegs

3 Lesser Yellowlegs

1 Glacuous-winged Gull

2 California Gull

5 Ring-billed Gull

1 Bonaparte's Gull

1 Tree Swallow

5 Violet-green Swallows

5 Cliff Swallows

10 Barn Swallows

1 Crow

25 Starlings

5 Cedar Waxwings

1 American Goldfinch

2 Savannah Sparrows

5 Song Sparrows

275 Red-winged Blackbirds

95 Brewer's Blackbirds

6 B-h cowbird

1 Common Yellowthroat

I got a take-out lunch and went to the Southside Park, a fishing pond next
to the federal prison. I sat in the pavilion to watch for stilts at those
ponds (no luck with that).

A robin was sitting on the railing of the fishermens' dock in front of me.
With my new ears I was hearing the thin seep of Cedar Waxwings. I looked
around but I couldn't find any. Then it dawned on me to look closely at the
robin. With careful attention, I saw him open his bill with each seep.
It's amazing what one can hear.


Paul Sullivan

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