Date: 7/24/20 11:49 am
From: Brandon Reishus <reishus_bs...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Stilt sandpiper at Fairview Wetlands, Salem
Fairview Wetlands are located in Salem off Fairview Industrial Drive. They are a City of Salem owned mitigation property, which happens to be across the street from ODFW's HQ building. The ODFW address is 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr SE, Salem, OR 97302. If visiting the wetlands, it probably easiest to park at ODFW and walk across the street. There is also a second parcel, consisting of wet prairie habitat, across the street to the northwest.

There are a series of three seasonal wetlands, though even the largest would typically be dry, or nearly so, by this time of year. However, the June rains we experienced gave the wetlands enough extra water to likely keep the largest wetland "wet" until early August. The sandpiper is in the largest wetland, the only one with any mudflat/shallow water habitat right now. The other two basins are both completely dry and covered in emergent vegetation. Additionally, a ditch bisects two of the basins and then travels under the road, via a culvert, and onto the ODFW property. Beavers have maintained a couple of dams in the ditch, that usually hold back some water into August.

Brandon Reishus

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For a moment I wondered where in Fairview-Wood Village that place is located. I then googled it and found this:

Fairview Wetlands Scenic Trail, 4272-4298 27th Ct SE, Salem, OR 97302

I presume this is the spot, unfortunately a little farther from PDX. Nice find Brandon; find us one here Craig!

Ross Barnes-Rickett
SE Portland

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Where is Fairview Wetlands?
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Craig Tumer

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> On Jul 23, 2020, at 8:18 PM, Brandon Reishus <reishus_bs...><mailto:<reishus_bs...>> wrote:
>  Hello all,
> After work today I took a stroll around Fairview Wetlands across the street from my office (ODFW) to see if any migrant shorebirds were around. There were a bunch of killdeer, a handful of least sandpipers, and lone worn adult stilt sandpiper, a surprise. I retrieved a scope and digiscoped a few photos, though my coworker got a better pics with his camera. The bird was on the southeast side of the wetland and should be easy to find in the rapidly drying wetland.
> A couple of my pics are attached
> <image1.jpeg>
> <image2.jpeg>
> Cheers
> Brandon Reishus
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