Date: 7/24/20 11:23 am
From: Rick Vetter <cotingas...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Neowise
As it fades away each night the show is far less spectacular, but it was quite the show last week, sort of like adding a gray catbird to our yard list in Burns.

We listened to soras calling last night as we photographed the comet again at Delintment lake on the Malheur NF

Erick Isaacs took this twilight comet photo in the cascades last week. That’s equal to an indigo bunting in Harney county.

An indigo bunting will return before the comet will !



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> On Jul 24, 2020, at 6:27 AM, Bill Tice <ticebill7...> wrote:
> I ventured outside last night to look for the comet, after my wife came back to bed saying she saw it. I have to admit that I was.....unimpressed. Like adding a house sparrow to your yard list. Hardly worth getting out of bed for. But, it was the 3rd comet I’ve seen from my yard, so I suppose that is impressive. Add to that the solar eclipse of a couple years ago and the icing is on the cake.
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