Date: 7/23/20 6:41 pm
From: David Vick <or.naturalist...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Tufted Puffins at Cannon Beach
Thanks for the post Tim and for your dedication to the project. I enjoyed
meeting you on the beach in the summer of 2017. Second only to the
pleasure of experiencing Puffin lifers was birding with you. I so
appreciated your generosity of spirit and how freely you shared your
knowledge of these adorable birds. Barring a second shut down, perhaps our
paths will cross again in early August. To you and everyone, stay healthy
and stay positive, this thing is going to pass. It may pass like a kidney
stone, but it's gonna pass.

David Vick

On Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 2:18 PM Tim Halloran <timhalloran...> wrote:

> I have been monitoring the Tufted Puffin colony at Haystack Rock for nine
> years of an 11 year study by USFW biologists. This year it’s a volunteer
> project of the Friends of Haystack Rock. The population has hovered around
> 120, sometimes dipping below 100 or soaring above 140. This year the
> numbers have been low, but I have seen activity at about 30 burrows,
> including some instances of fish or squid being carried in to the
> pufflings. My highest count at any one time has been 21 so far. We are
> approaching the time of year when the greatest numbers can be seen.
> Mornings are best, generally between 7:30 and 10.
> They also pose for photos as sunset approaches. Look for me in my red
> jacket, seated well north of the rock where I get the best vantage point on
> the whole colony. The study continues through Labor Day, when just a few
> puffins remain, if any.
> Tim Halloran

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