Date: 7/23/20 2:43 pm
From: H Nicolay <sqrlma...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Ravens in Monkton
Hi all. I am waiting for Ted Levin to describe the other worldly sounds of
hungry baby ravens. Its definitely a flat guttural note but instead of
coming up to pitch as fiddlers do it stays flat out of tune. And it is loud
and hauntingly obnoxious. It permeates our back forest, over and over
again, like plaintitive shouts of people entombed but not dead. There are
two babies. Fully feathered and flighted now. One smaller than the other.
Brazingly brought up in established crow territory. South of Raven Ridge.
First time in the 9 years we have lived here. I gave them a fresh rabbit
today. A rabbit that a few minutes earlier was munching on a carrot but
didn't have use of its back legs. The finders felt sorry for it and noticed
large tumors near its rear. I politely educated them that male rabbits are
well endowed. The ravens waited until the crows approached the kill. Later
the large male bearded raven ate first. Chunk after chunk. The male baby
raven croaked and pleaded and quivered his wings and got rewarded with a
few mouthfulls. A smaller raven stood nearby. The large raven seemed to
say; ok, its your turn to eat but when I get back from my walk its mine
again. The large raven walked a large circle through a mown field and back
towards the kill. He got annoyed the other raven, possibly the smaller
offspring, was still eating. A tussle ensued, she quivered her wings but
hierarchy is supreme and she stepped aside. In the end, the vultures
reigned and chased off the mighty raven.
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