Date: 7/23/20 11:19 am
From: Frank Vanslager via <Vanslagerf=<>
Subject: [southbaybirds] A Bishop and a Pygmy on 7/23/2020

On my way back from the AB1 area at 8:40, I spotted some photographers on the other trail to the west.  With my binos I saw that a Northern Red Bishop was on the dead sticks just behind them!  But it took me a moment to get my camera focused, and my photo shows that he left, but that he might be on the distant green bush behind them.

At Cuesta Park at 10 I found a flock of Pygmy Nuthatches, and that reminded me that a few days ago I met a female birder who said that she had finally seen a single Pygmy for a lifer but it was quite high in an evergreen.  For her information, I was on the south edge of that circle of large evergreens near the first parking lot and the restrooms.  It started when one of those frenetic little birds flew right at me, close enough that I did a little involuntary ducking.  When I turned around the bird was on the trunk of an evergreen (closer than the photo I that I took later) and I'll be darned if that bird didn't make another close pass at my head!  I heard some twittering behind me, so the flight probably had nothing to do with me.

There seemed to be about a half dozen birds, but it's hard to count those frenetic little birds.  I did notice 3 different plumages.  One had the spot behind the head, one did not, and the third showed some sign of incomplete molting.

Frank Vanslager

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