Date: 7/23/20 5:02 am
From: Ashley Peele <ashpeele...>
Subject: [va-bird] Reminders for the Final Weeks of the VABBA2
Hi Folks,
It is hard to believe I'm writing these words, but *we are truly in the
final weeks of the second VA Breeding Bird Atlas project*. It's been quite
a journey and I'm so proud of what our community of Virginia volunteers has
accomplished, despite the setbacks and challenges presented in our final
season by the covid-19 pandemic.

As we enter these final days, I wanted to remind you of a few tools and
resources to help guide your birding/Atlasing activities...

First, the most up-to-date resource on *where Atlas effort is still needed*
is the live Atlas Effort Map <> found on
our eBird portal ( This map shows you what blocks are
fully completed and which could still use some help (yellow priority

We're on the cusp of it being 'too late' for *nocturnal Atlasing*, so I
would encourage any folks who are able to help finish out blocks that only
need nocturnal effort to do it soon! Many blocks only need this night time
effort to be completed, but with nightjars already beginning to move
around, we will soon be out of time. (*If you'd like a complete list of
the blocks that only need nocturnal effort, email me!*)

Have questions about how to deal with those early-moving migrants? Check
out our article on what species will be moving by the end of July and how
to treat those species on your VABBA2 eBird checklists.

Thanks for all your great efforts over the five years of this project.
We're making a strong finish to our long race!

Stay cool, during this hot July weather!

Ashley Peele, PhD
Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas Coordinator
Conservation Management Institute - Virginia Tech
Office: 540-951-9378 (*Emails preferred. No longer working at office.)
Fax: 540-231-7019

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