Date: 7/23/20 12:24 am
From: Diane <>
Subject: [obol] At least OBA tried ...
Everyone has ably proved the point made by OBA.

Various women and a gay man speak up about our experiences. The predictable knee jerk reaction is immediate:

Two women’s comments are completely ignored.

One woman wrote eloquently of her husband’s feelings of alienation and her hopes for her daughter but her husband’s experience is not addressed.

Other men immediately want to shut down the discussion.

Finally, one man uses the fallacy of anecdotal evidence as proof that another person’s experience is invalid because he’s never experienced it. Well, Hendrik, using your type of argument means that since I had lunch today, there is no such thing as world hunger.

I thought it would take longer for this to play out but it was pretty much immediate. Once again, progress will only travel in a hearse.

Black Lives Matter
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