Date: 7/22/20 9:46 pm
From: bruce dugger <bruce.dugger...>
Subject: [obol] Re: OBOL A Message from the OBA Board of Directors
Thanks for the post Deirdre; I completely agree with your sentiments. I'd
be happy to go birding with you and your daughter.. As a professor of
ornithology at OSU, I'm always looking to recruit prospective students to
our program. When this Covid mess clears up and we're moving about a bit
more freely, please get in touch and I'd be happy to host you and your
daughter for a visit to Corvallis. We've got a lot of cool birds in our
museum that your daughter might find interesting. You can contact me at
this email address or at work using <bruce.dugger...>

On Wed, Jul 22, 2020 at 8:40 PM D Padilla <dmarc-noreply...>

> Rich Adney - I’m sorry, but maybe those lessons from your Republican
> grandfather didn’t quite sink in.
> What’s a slap the face to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is that 52 years
> after he died, someone like Chris Cooper can’t go the the park for an
> afternoon of birdwatching without having the cops called on him by a
> hysterical white woman.
> And there’s no need for “Caucasian Birding Week” - THAT’S EVERY WEEK - and
> that’s the issue. So unless you have something helpful to add that might
> actually encourage people of every gender, race and sexual persuasion to
> feel welcome to birding, I suggest you zip it.
> My husband no longer comes with me on birding outings because he feels
> uncomfortable. My 13 year old daughter is bird obsessed and is now my
> birding companion. I want a better world for her because skin colour
> shouldn’t matter, but it does.
> Deirdre Padilla
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> On Jul 22, 2020, at 7:55 PM, R. Adney Jr. <rfadney...> wrote:
> I joined this list serve to learn more about birds. Period. Not to
> discuss politics, current events and certainly not for recognizing my
> privilege for being born to a race I had no choice about being born in to.
> Isn't (BOO) for that? It is a slap in the face to MLK for there now to
> have Black this, Asian this, Latino that etc. I grew up in the 60's and
> was absolutely fascinated by MLK. As a young boy adopted his lesson was
> that I was to judge people NOT by their skin color. I have lived my entire
> life living by that ideology. My Republican grandfather made sure that I
> watched the evening news, the race riots, the insanity of Jim Crow
> Democrats and their abhorrent behavior. He made sure I understand racism
> was not acceptable. It still is unacceptable, no matter what race the
> racist happens to belong to.
> Now even some on this list and OBA are embracing the current racial
> politicization of everything in our lives. The folks on OBOL are good
> people. Race has never come up until recently, since the abomination of
> the George Floyd death. Why, because birding is NOT a racial factor in
> appreciating and studying birds. I see no reason for OBA to celebrate any
> specific race's "birding week". If I were to suggest "Caucasian Birding
> Week" I'd be tarred and feathered. You know, I have lots of books on
> birding, not one has had any focus on the readers race. How about we just
> have an Oregon Birding Week and include ALL races regardless of color??
> With outreach to all the other than white folks, low income folks, foster
> kids, without trying to signal that we're a better bunch of white folks
> because we made up a special week just for one race. Isn't creating a
> special week based on skin color a kind of racist thing to do??
> Now I see the Smithsonian is joining in the virtue signaling erasure of
> history by considering changing the common names given to a bird named
> after a Confederate Officer. From the same article Audubon himself could
> become a name erased from history in the same name of political
> correctness. Audubon folks. The father of birding desiccated Native
> American graves according to the Smithsonian. So, what will the Audubon
> Society be renamed too??
> Rich Adney

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