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Your written words provide a window into heartfelt sorrow I never knew existed in the birding community. I will be with you always.

Dottie Belknap

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Rich Adney - I’m sorry, but maybe those lessons from your Republican grandfather didn’t quite sink in.

What’s a slap the face to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is that 52 years after he died, someone like Chris Cooper can’t go the the park for an afternoon of birdwatching without having the cops called on him by a hysterical white woman.

And there’s no need for “Caucasian Birding Week” - THAT’S EVERY WEEK - and that’s the issue. So unless you have something helpful to add that might actually encourage people of every gender, race and sexual persuasion to feel welcome to birding, I suggest you zip it.

My husband no longer comes with me on birding outings because he feels uncomfortable. My 13 year old daughter is bird obsessed and is now my birding companion. I want a better world for her because skin colour shouldn’t matter, but it does.

Deirdre Padilla

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I joined this list serve to learn more about birds. Period. Not to discuss politics, current events and certainly not for recognizing my privilege for being born to a race I had no choice about being born in to. Isn't (BOO) for that? It is a slap in the face to MLK for there now to have Black this, Asian this, Latino that etc. I grew up in the 60's and was absolutely fascinated by MLK. As a young boy adopted his lesson was that I was to judge people NOT by their skin color. I have lived my entire life living by that ideology. My Republican grandfather made sure that I watched the evening news, the race riots, the insanity of Jim Crow Democrats and their abhorrent behavior. He made sure I understand racism was not acceptable. It still is unacceptable, no matter what race the racist happens to belong to.

Now even some on this list and OBA are embracing the current racial politicization of everything in our lives. The folks on OBOL are good people. Race has never come up until recently, since the abomination of the George Floyd death. Why, because birding is NOT a racial factor in appreciating and studying birds. I see no reason for OBA to celebrate any specific race's "birding week". If I were to suggest "Caucasian Birding Week" I'd be tarred and feathered. You know, I have lots of books on birding, not one has had any focus on the readers race. How about we just have an Oregon Birding Week and include ALL races regardless of color?? With outreach to all the other than white folks, low income folks, foster kids, without trying to signal that we're a better bunch of white folks because we made up a special week just for one race. Isn't creating a special week based on skin color a kind of racist thing to do??

Now I see the Smithsonian is joining in the virtue signaling erasure of history by considering changing the common names given to a bird named after a Confederate Officer. From the same article Audubon himself could become a name erased from history in the same name of political correctness. Audubon folks. The father of birding desiccated Native American graves according to the Smithsonian. So, what will the Audubon Society be renamed too??

Rich Adney <>

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