Date: 7/22/20 9:23 pm
From: Paul Roisen <roisenp1950...>
Subject: [ia-bird] Cerro Gordo 7.22.20
Took a walk-about up to Cerro Gordo County from Sioux City today after
seeing postings by local birders Jeremy K., Mary Hodak, Betty L., and Rita
G. I needed one new species to make 200 but felt there was a good chance
of adding 5-10 species. With the help of "Las Tres Amigas" (Rita, Carolyn
F. and Betty) I was blessed with 8 (207). Did not make it to Lime Creek
to check out the Yellow-billed Cuckoo or the Pileated WP that are possible

Stilt and Solitary Sandpipers, Willow Flycatcher, Northern Mockingbird,
Carolina Wren, and Field and Grasshopper Sparrow were the new birds. How
I did not have a Field Sparrow on my starting list of 199 seems rather
crazy but as Mark Proeschuldt reminds me. "It really is amazing how often
one's county list is missing some spectacularly common bird like a House
Sparrow or Rock Pigeon. Keeps us humble".

Be safe for yourself and for others. Seriously--WEAR A MASK when in
proximity of others. It is our choice to be unsafe for ourselves but it
should be our responsibility to be as safe for others as possible. Not
political but more on the line of caring for others.

God Bless,

*Paul O. Roisen*
*Woodbury County, IA*
*Mobile 712-301-2817*

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