Date: 7/22/20 6:53 am
From: Walter Medwid <wmedwid...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Black and white warbler and resistant caters
This morning’s walk on the Memphremagog bike path brought us a close up of
a BWW working a brush pile. It was thoroughly searching the recent
established pile until it happened upon a caterpillar -4 inches long- and
was a twig mimic-geometrid I assume. The bird bite the “twig” and you could
see the body construct so the bird knew it had something. It worked the
caterpillar but it hung on fiercely with its hind legs and no matter how
much it was stretch it clung. The bird finally decided to work at the part
that wasn’t releasing and finally after a few seconds the caterpillar let
go and the bird had this very large food item in its mouth and seemed
unsure what to do now with such a large drooping corpse. Finally it worked
the body down its mouth. The bird stayed in the same spot working a tree on
the search for more food despite what had to be the equivalent of a 3
course meal under its belt.

A remarkably active birding morning up on the border.
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