Date: 7/21/20 1:00 pm
From: Beverly Propen via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] CACC
7/21/20 Milford, Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center, 9:20am-11:20am.
82F-86F, sunny, mid tide rising. The Purple Martin colony continues to be
active-I saw about 22 adults flying around and many chicks poking their
heads out of gourds. Gourd 57 had a chick come out onto its front
"porch" just sat there for several minutes , looking around- Perhaps
the first time it ventured out. Female osprey was on nest with 2 large
chicks and male on perch. When I was leaving, the male was eating a fish
on his perch. 5 Snowy Egrets on marsh, 2 flyover Ospreys.
On the grounds & paths: Song sparrows, Carolina wren singing, House wren,
numerous American Robins, Common Grackles, about 11 Mourning doves, 1
juvenile Baltimore Oriole preening in tree near Trumpet vine, 1 American
Goldfinch, 2 Mockingbirds, 3 American Crows.
On Long Island Sound side: Willow Flycatcher singing , 6 American
Oystercatchers including 2 chicks which are getting bigger, 29 Common Terns
along shoreline, about 45 Least Terns, about 100 Semipalmated Sandpipers
(several flocks flying around),
16 Semipalmated Plovers, 1 Tree swallow flyover, 1 Barn swallow flyover,
11 Piping Plovers including 1 pair with 2 chicks, and 1 adult with 1 chick-
the chick was poking into shells, 2 other Ospreys at end of sand bar.
Bev Propen, Orange
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